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Ladies, let’s break the ice!

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Whoo…hooo it’s almost Friday. I’m usually exhausted after a long work week but I am excited because it also means dressing up for drinks with my girls. Be prepared, the night (s) can get very interesting when the conversation is flowing right….

Last week a tall guy came up to me, nice body…well he’s hot. It totally turned me off when he said, “Hi, are those your shoes?” It was really awkward. So instead of being mean, I decided to be nice. After all, he is just shy. So I cracked a joke to make him feel comfortable.

Some guys are fluent in the language of flirting and some are just clueless. He is probably too shy to talk to you, perhaps because he thinks you’re hot and you make him nervous. Here are a few tips from my girlfriends on how to react in situations like this.

Natalya: I was out one night with my sister, Natalie, at Werner’s. We were just chillin’ and having a few laughs. This guy walked up to me and introduced himself. He is not bad looking but his questions were awkward.

“With looks like yours you must be a cheerleader?” “Your nickname must be Rose because you smell like one?” “Who was your first crush?”

Okay to be nice, I joke with my answers to break the awkwardness. It got better, we are friends now and he is actually pretty cool.

Serena: I was covering a fashion show once and was sitting alone at the bar after the stressful night. This hot fashion guy came up to me and said “Do you think I’m attractive because I think you are.” I almost fell off my stool. Instead of walking away, I stayed and answered, “I think that guy is attractive (pointed at the designer) and we both laughed. If I had walked away I wouldn’t know he could be a great friend. The pick up line may be awkward but it always gets better when the guy is less nervous around you.

Amelia: This guy once came up to me and said, “For a moment I thought you are Scarlett Jo”. My reply  was, “Erm…she is white!” There was a pregnant pause for five seconds before I let out a laugh because I felt the embarrassed for him. He obviously likes me for many reasons and it would be mean be rude. He is my boyfriend today and he is pretty cool.

Whethergirl’s Verdict.

Girls, keep an open mind and stop pushing these guys away. The ones you should push away are those who start the conversation like “I have a room upstairs…” and you know the rest


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