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Journal Entry #4: Champagne & Shoes

Dear Diary,

Last Thursday, I scurried over to Pangaea at Marina Bay Sands, in my newly purchased Topshop platform heels for the launch party of new fashion retail store, Gnossem.

With a girlfriend in tow, we arrived slightly after eight p.m and a line had already started to form at the entrance. I heaved a huge sigh of relief when I saw that everyone in line was dressed up to the nines as I was worried about being overdressed in my shimmery silver dress.

The line moved rather quickly and guests were greeted with a door gift at the reception area. It was my first time visiting Pangaea and I've read rave reviews about the ultra exclusive club and it certainly didn't disappoint. 

Upon making my way through the entrance, my gaze immediately gravitated towards the 20,000 individual light bulbs sweeping across the ceiling, casting an intimate glow over the entire club.

The place was packed with stylish people and while waiting for the runway show to commence, I made my rounds to say “hello” to a few familiar faces.

No doubt, everyone's mood was made more cheerful by the free-flow of Moët & Chandon champagne served throughout the night!

The runway show started a little over ten p.m and featured a bevy of high-fashion designer labels, inlcuding Coupe-Cousu and Carrie K and the audience were in awe as the stunning models strutted down the runway and flaunt the clothes off with their polished walks.

The clothes truly provided a refreshing perspective on asian fashion and when I spoke to the founder of Gnossem, Lisa Crosswhite, she expressed how thrilled she was with the runway show.

Lisa was pleased with the models' performance and loved how the models were able to add a dramatic effect to the clothes.

You be the judge, check out the pictures from the event!


Whether Girl


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