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The Whether Girl

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Digital Fashion Week

           DFW 1

Digital Fashion Week

We have fantastic news for all fashion lovers. There’s a new fashion portal in the digital world - the Digital Fashion Week Singapore (DFW). DFW will be completely streamed live through YouTube; bringing you the latest fashion runway shows, live interviews with designers, models and live performances from international artistes. 

DFW will be debuting at www. digitalfashionweek.com this coming October. Sign up for the newsletter now and be the first to know everything in the fashion world. Stay tuned for more updates.

Have fun ;>
The Whether Girl

Image source: Digital Fashion Week Singapore


Pathway to a blissful marriage

WhetherGirl - blissfull marriage

Relationships often starts with a little bit of a fairytale – the chasing, the sweet talking, the gentlemen getting the car door for the lady and even pulling the chair out for her at dinner.  But a very high percentage of that burns away after a few months into a relationship simply because people do not keep up the good work from when they started off.

The argument
No one likes to lose in a fight. No one likes being labeled ‘wrong’ but at times giving in is a best solution. It’s natural for couples to fight and argue about the smallest thing every now and then.

People say that women are more sensitive and men always give in – that is complete crap. In reality, it takes two to tango and sometimes, guys are the sensitive ones and girls are the ones that give in but either way, that’s not healthy in a relationship. Many people do not know to act after an argument. Some ended up not talking to each other for days and months and some even lose their friendship over silly arguments.

Controlling yourself is the key to solving an argument. It usually starts off with a small argument and ends up in a big fight. Take charge of the situation and cool things down before it gets into the danger zone. Solve your issues in a civilized manner like adults instead of walking away.

The communication
Communication is one of the most important factors in a relationship. Miscommunication happens all the time. Never, I repeat, never base anything on ‘signs’ and assumptions as it will lead to relationship failure. No matter what the issue is, open your mouth and talk to one another. It is better to get everything out in the open than keeping everything to yourself.

The commitment
Being in a relationship takes a lot of commitment, strength and willpower. First, getting to know each other well is crucial. Putting yourself in a relationship also means you are working for two, planning for two and basically living your life for two. It will not be as easy and carefree as singlehood.

Best friends
We do everything with our best friends and share everything with them. If you have a problem at home, at work, or even with your relationship, it’s a fact that you will never talk to anyone else except your best friend. They are like the tyres to your car and vice versa.
So, why not treat the person you love like how you treat your best friend? In a relationship, you need to do everything together and tell each other everything. Never keep secrets and don’t betray each other’s trust.

Never give in but never give up either
Sometimes when you are tired of each other’s attitude, all you want to do is give up and move on but ask yourself this question -- “Is it wise to do that?”

Never give in as well because this will result in a ‘relationship imbalance’. It is all about being equal! Never think about empowering your partner. Every couple should respect each other.

Remind yourself of what you first saw in your lover’s eyes. Why did you date him/her? Why did you commit in the relationship? Refresh your memory of the good old days and go back to phase one and work it out from there. Talk to each other like adults.  

Marriage – the last step
Marriage is like the final results after the final examinations. Never rush into marriage because you do not want to regret after. Before you say ‘I do’, be very sure that you are marrying your best friend...your soul mate. When you are sure the person standing before you is the one, then you have the green light to build a future together with true love.


The Whether Girl

Image source: Shutterstock


Interview: Get to know Jedward

WhetherGirl - jedward 2

We recently met up with the Irish pop duo, John and Edward of Jedward. The twins have more in common than you can imagine. Find out more about their life and music.

What do you enjoy most when you are doing promotional tours?
J: We get to see different people and meet new fans and that is amazing. We are really glad that we get to meet new people from different countries.

E: We are coming back to Asia again in future to do a proper promotional tour. We will then slowly plan out everything. It’s great that we are doing this interview. We get to talk to a whole load of journalists we’ve never met before.

How do you find your fans in Singapore?
J: They are really good at posing in pictures. We’ve been all over Europe but over here, they really know how to pose and take pictures. I’ve learnt so many new poses since I came here.

Can we expect any surprises at your autograph session?
E: Well, we are going to be running around, meeting our fans, signing our autographs…not so much of a surprise though.

What is that one thing that you can’t stand about each other?

J: He is always sleeping. He sleeps more than me.

E: He always got food on his face. I always tell him “You got food on your face”… but the food will still be there like 20 minutes later.

Do you guys dress similarly all the time?
E: Sometimes when he wears ties, I will wear a geeky bow to compliment each other’s looks, but its fun to dress similarly.

J: Like when he wears a blue shirt I will be wearing a red t-shirt that looks similar. Shops gets very excited when they hear we are going in to buy clothes. They think we are going to buy the same of everything.

How excited are you guys that Britney Spears is the new judge on the US X factor?
E: I’m really excited that she is the judge now because we are really big fans of hers.

J: It’s really cool now that X-Factor has a big superstar. Celebrities that went on the shows before are only famous from before, but Britney Spears is a current superstar.

E: I’m pretty excited because this is going to show the world about what Britney is actually like as the world hasn’t really seen her in like 10 years.

J: It’s cool now we can actually hear her talk and communicate. A lot of people are going to learn music from her as she has been in the industry for more than 10 years now.

Both of you are adorable! Have you guys received any proposals from fans before?
J: Yes, we’ve got so many marriage proposals from the fans.

E: There were so many of them.
We got girls giving us rings. Not real rings of course, but you know what I mean. They are not even old enough to get married yet. They are like 12.

What are your craziest fan experiences?

J: We’ve got loads of fan mail. Loads and loads of fan mail. They will design these cutouts cards and when we open up the cards there will be pictures inside of them, popping up and waving to us.
E: I remember us signing a fan’s arm, and she went to a tattoo’s place and got the autograph tattooed.

J: Lots of fans tattooed our face and autographs like all over their hands.

E: There’s this fan girl with long hair who cuts her hair just to look like us.

Do you consider yourselves singers or entertainers?

J: We’re like…pop stars. We are not like Whitney Houston with a high voice but we sing like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. We like to sing slow songs but we’re not like “Oh we are the best in the world.” We sing songs that we can relate to our fans. We are not just singers but we are entertainers as well.

E: We are well-rounded. We want to do TV shows as well, make more music…we don’t like to limit ourselves.


The Whether Girl

Image source: Shutterstock


Hot or not: Spice Girls

The Spice Girls made a return at the Olympics Closing Ceremony 2012 and as usual, they stole the show. All five of them – Victoria, Emma, Melanie B, Geri and Melanie C – looked beyond fantastic. It’s like they’ve never aged since they last appeared in public. Take a look below at their pictures. Do you prefer them then or now? Take your pick. Tell us who is your favourite Spice as well.


The Spice Girls.... Now and then


Who is hotter: Lin Dan or Yao Ming

Who do you think is hotter? Yao Ming, the giant basketball king standing tall at 229cm or the current Olympics badminton champ, Lin Dan? Take your pick girls.

                                        WhetherGirl - whos hotter

The Whether Girl

Image source: YouTube