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Crazy heels


The world is evolving too fast for us to catch up, as is the world of fashion. Artistic people from the industry no longer wear ‘normal’ shoes, but tend to experiment a little more – they wear crazy heels instead!


Today, not only are ridiculous, but shoes are so over the top too! Top designers like Christian Louboutin are designing their high heels in very special ways for artists and celebrities. These spicy slip-ons may seem completely unwearable, but people are in-fact wearing them!  


Alexander McQueen

One of McQ’s most popular heels, the alien heels were inspired by the movie Alien and were designed as a one-off production. The fashion house uses approximately 7 inches (or more) heels for their runway shows.


Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin, is known for his super duper red-soled high heels. He’s also designed fruit heels, heel-less pumps, shoes with a hornbill’s beak as the heel and even ones with a ponytail instead of a heel.

Who wears these?

You would be surprised! Be it the 10-inch platforms or the heel-less pumps, they are amazingly stable. Designers make these in a way unique yet practical as it might look unstable but it is the total opposite.


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Image source: Youtube


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