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Inner beauty


The way we look represents our personality and well-being. So it is important to take really great care of your skin. Cosmetics and make-up can work like magic… It can cover flaws and makes you glow, enhancing the way your skin looks, but is make-up really enough?

The right products

Apart from the good make-up can do, you need to give your skin a lot more. Cleansing and care are essential to ensure you have a good base to work on.  You need to use products that exfoliate, renew and even out pigmentation. You’ve probably heard this before, but the best way to go about it all, is the cleanse, tone and moisturize routine. Scrubs and masks do well too, but are secondary to this. It is advisable to cleanse, tone and moisturize your face twice a day; once when you wake up, and just before bed.

Working Out

No one said it would be easy. First up, exercising is very important. It keeps your body healthy and keeps your blood flow smooth. When you body is healthy, your system eliminates all the toxins from the body. Sweating pushes out all toxins as well. When your blood stream is clean, your skin will reflect this... It only takes twenty minutes every morning to do some simple cardio exercises or running. Spend a little more time exercising over the weekends. Take up a sport like badminton or go swimming.


It is advisable to drink a glass of water when you wake up in the morning, when you are on your way to work and as many glasses as you can during your day at work or anywhere else.  Drinking one before and after each meal, as well as before you sleep, works wonders too. When you have enough water running in your system your skin looks fresh and hydrated. This prevents dullness making you glow and look healthier.

Diet and Fruits

What you eat has a direct impact on your skin… Oily food can cause breakouts. Try drinking twice as much water or tea when consuming such food. Everyone talks about veggies and greens, but fruits are just as important. The cantaloupe contains a very high percentage of Vitamin C and protein responsible to repair skin tissues as well as anti-oxidants to avoid early aging. Avocado is the another secret that leads to healthier skin.  It contains a higher percentage of potassium compared to bananas and is loaded with vitamins C, D and E. Blackberries, blueberries and strawberries are all amazing for the skin.  Blending these together and drinking them on a weekly basis, will help your skin improve tremendously.


Saving the best for last - sleep is your secret potion. Sleeping allows your skin to relax and regenerate when your body shuts down for tissue repairs. Our body clears toxins and repairs damaged muscle and tissues approximately after 10pm until 4am. Hitting the sack within that time is advisable for 8 hours at least. It doesn’t work if one sleeps for 8 hours at a different time every night as this stresses out your skin even more. Be consistent with your sleep and that will make a great difference to your face.

The Whether Girl’s Verdict

The trick is to make a habit of your skin care routine and beauty will come naturally.

The Whether Girl

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