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I do, I rule


Getting married is often a bride’s happiest moment. The best part of a wedding is the ambience, the catering, the decorations and of course, the dress but are brides really pleasing themselves with these days?

Who has the most fun?

I’ve attended enough wedding ceremonies in my life to know that brides are so often want to the wedding guests more than they please themselves; but off late that’s not the case anymore.  Old formal weddings where the bride walks down the aisle towards her groom are slowly disappearing. Think about the fun ones you seen on YouTube.  Is that what weddings are really coming to?

The Dress

Say hello to colour. Not only is Asia seeing bright colours, this is happening across the world.

Vera Wang

Hollywood’s “it” bridal gown designer Vera Wang has taken a turn on her wedding dresses, releasing black bridal gowns for her Fall 2012 show. Although black has always been a colour of bad luck for the Chinese, and is normally seen as taboo, Wang has managed to pull it off.


Celeb Weddings

Drew Barrymore got married in a Chanel wedding gown designed by Karl Lagerfeld at her $5.7Million home in California. With a 14-carat diamond ring and a gourmet feast, Drew had her wedding her way.

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves got married last Saturday. There were no bridesmaids or groomsmen but there were 2 preachers and a monk. Special wedding but at least they had it their way.


Being different works.  I’ve always enjoyed themed weddings such as Victorian, Italian, Egyptian...even a Gothic one. Selecting the right theme could make or break your wedding.

Whether Girl’s verdict: Fairytales are nice, but this one is yours to make!

The Whether Girl

Image sources: Shutterstock, YouTube


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