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May 3 2012 - How to tackle a marathon

When was the last time you did something for the first time? I have been so caught up with work these days that I find it hard to answer that question so when a friend encouraged me to join a marathon, I jumped at the opportunity.

I thought it would be something fun to do with my group of friends but what I didn't realize was running a marathon is not something you do on a limb. Even the seasoned runners need months for a proper preparation.

Thankfully, the 10 km run I signed up for takes place in November so that leaves me with a good six months to train. I am not the sort of person that does things halfway, I am a girl of extremes so I decided to educate myself on marathon training and if you are  contemplating on joining a marathon as well, welcome aboard!

But please note, a marathon is a commitment and it is not to be taken lightly. Have a look at our beginners’ guide to help you prepare for your first marathon.

Medical check-up

Even if you are in good shape, it is always a good idea to pay a visit to your doctor and let him or her know your plans to run for a marathon. They will be able to check that you are in tip-top condition and give you the green light to continue with your marathon training.

Running Gear

This is the fun part, shopping! Before you start picking out your running gear, take note that it is not about how good the item look on you but rather if it suitable and comfortable. Getting the right pair of running shoes is essential. Approach one of the cute sales guy in the sport shop to assist you in getting the right running shoes that are suitable for your running style, foot type, and level of experience will help you run comfortably and injury-free. Investing in the right sports bra is also very important to stay comfortable while running

Plan a running schedule 

As soon as you register for your marathon, you need to start running at least three times a week. Don't worry if you have not been running, it is possible to condition your body and build up your stamina with dedication. Start off slow by brisk walking for about 30 minutes. Once you are comfortable with walking for a long period of time, add in a slow jog in between your walk and as time goes on, make the running intervals longer until you are able to run at least 30 minutes continuously.

Familiarize yourself with the marathon route

It is important to know where you are running on the big day. There will be hundreds of other runners lining up at the start line and the last thing you want to do is get caught up in the chaos. Generally, organizations that are holding the marathon will include the route maps on their website. Download the map and use one of your weekends to check our the route and keep an eye out for slopes and hills.

The Day Before

Don't run the day before the race. Let your body rest and remember not to load up on carbohydrate during dinner. A lot of beginners assume that they must eat a lot the night before but this is a rookie mistake. Eat healthy and avoid all spicy food. The most important thing of all is that you must get a good night rest.

The Whether Girl's verdict: I cannot wait to complete my first marathon and strike it off my bucket list. In any case, set a goal and work towards it and remember to hydrate and have fun!


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